Day 4: Pushing through resistance

Already I felt the simple allure of wanting to take a break. Only 3 days in a row of painting and I could see myself attempting to rationalize how I can spend valuable time reading or doing something else. I am sure I am not the only artist who struggles with motivation, but the trick for me is to actually start. Once I get the paint brush going its very easy to continue for hours. In today’s example only about 2 hours, but getting to the first brush stroke is the hardest some days. It’s not so much of putting up a number on the board as it is that I am trying to break myself of the habit of putting off my own goals. I think most people can empathize with the notion of wanting to complete something and always finding something to get in the way. Today was a small step in breaking that cycle.

Today’s model was not something I planned or thought about, when I was struggling to do any work I just looked for the closest primed model and started. To be honest I am reasonably pleased as well. I’ve never been able to perfect that off white/bluish skin of the Legion of Everblight models but this is certainly the closest I have gotten. It was actually much lighter and I used a purple GW wash very lightly to deepen some of the shadows. I think I may need to go even more less with it next time but its not a bad start.


One note is that I will add some grass or snow (possibly both) to this base as it looks a bit too plain for my tastes as it is.


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