Day 3: The New Necromunda

As I am sure everyone has heard all about the new “Shadow war Armageddon” box is soon to be released (Or is old news for future readers). I have a soft spot in my heart for the ‘specialist’ games that Games Workshop released many years ago. Primarily Mordheim was my game of choice. BUT Necromunda was what helped really bring the grim dark future to life for me. Fighting for scraps in the underhive instead of for the emperor was a compelling story-line and still is. I don’t know if Armageddon is really meant to be a Necromunda surrogate but its got me revved up to paint either way. It actually took me just as long to locate the model as it did to paint it as I had the cultists from the Dark vengeance kit stored deep in my stores of miniatures. Its not perfect but I wanted to keep the miniature a day thing rolling, I knew the model was primed and unpainted and it seemed like something fun to do. I did not have a paint scheme worked out in advance so I just went with the flow:

If you notice the blue on the right arm, its supposed to be a random looking tribal tattoo. I have always enjoyed the bluish tribal (semi Samoa) style tattoos you occasionally see on competition pieces. Also the tabbard has an old school throw back with the black and white checker pattern on the bottom. A long long time ago when Necromunda was more commonly played the checkered pattern and hazard stripping were common place patterns. Now you most often see checks on Orks and hazard striping on space marines but I thought it would be a fun touch and tip of the hat to the old school. If I can do 9 more of these I might just have a gang. Now where do I have those arbites…

(As a side note, I will eventually have some sort of rhythm to which miniatures I do on different days, right now I am just following where the muse leads)


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