Day 5: Wight king and a taste of things to come…

Today was much easier then yesterday, I took the initiative to prime a few miniatures and think about what I want to work on in the days to come as the first few days have been kind of random and just pulling random miniatures from around my work space. Most players/painters when they are working on personal projects have a specific goal (like wanting to have a finished army). Personally I do not currently have any game in mind I want to play. The goal of this daily painting exercise is to get myself in a routine where I can paint. I think each hobbyist has a preference towards certain features, they really love playing, or modeling, or painting. I long ago realized I love to collect and model/kitbash but I really disdain painting. So I figured the only way to break this is to force myself to do it. I think my personal motivation against painting is I have a hard time translating what I would qualify as good paint work onto miniatures. I’ve also come to realize that if I ever want to fix this, I just have to keep at it.  Below is the #dailyminiature the Wight King from Games Workshop. I wanted to do a somewhat ethereal look on the blade and cloak and keep the army simple. I struggle with my painting always being too dark and I am trying to push into lighter colors all the time.

Below is my custom painting board with a few of the models I primed that will come up for painting soon. Included is 2 pieces of terrain from Warsenal, initially this blog was going to be all about building custom terrain and painting it but obviously that fell by the wayside. Right now its morphed into a paint blog but my hope is that I will also work terrain building back in as well. Also some 30k Betrayal at Calth minis, new Deathwatch captain, and a GW sorcerer model for any fantasy game. I can fit exactly 14 models in the given slots on the paint tray, so I think future posts will show 2 weeks of individual minis each time.



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