Day 43: Cheapside Docks

Today I finally put some paint on one of the first pieces for my homemade board. Over a year ago when I first started this blog this was the first piece I built. Its been sitting on my shelf in an unfinished state for the whole time and every time I look at it I think I really ought to paint it to see how it looks. I am not disappointed, it was dead simple to make and really fun actually. Which I am lucky it’s so easy because I am going to need a lot of docks like these to connect all the buildings. In the future I think I may do a DIY video on how to build these for yourself.

I put up a series of photos from various sides and angles to show off the somewhat quirky nature of the terrain piece. The paint job was faster and easier then I thought, dark brown with a couple layers of tan and light grey. The bottom of the posts were textured with some Stirland Mud and some oxide to make it look like the wood is corroding from the water. In the last image I dropped in one of the minis for scale, and you can see it works well for 28mm scale minis. Now to build a whole bunch more of these!


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