Day 42: Lady Luck

Another difficult day, where all I wanted to do was crawl back into my comfortable bed. Instead I pushed myself and got up. I sat down with the brush in my hand and got to work. When I get going its easy to continue, but that few moments of hesitation can be the difference between improving and letting my malaise get the best of me. Today’s model is ‘Lucky’ also from Dark Age. It’s actually a gorgeous model, and surprisingly the resin was very clean.


I wanted to keep her look clean without any battlefield dust as though no matter what she is so lucky she simply can’t be hurt. I also typically go for darker hair, but she has the classic pinup look from WWII. So I figured the light red hair with the fair complexion and soft color clothing would all match nicely. I considered for a while to do the whole dress as a deep red like Jessica Rabbit as I think that is part of the inspiration of the model. But I decided against it as its just a little too obscure looking. Subtle but I think I got the clean look right, I feel like the skin tone transitions are getting better too.




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