Day 41: Core complete

So as I have said for the last week or so I have been sorting models, organizing and the like. Because I made a list with all the models in them I realized certain lines of miniatures are near completion and some are very far. So for instance I have a ton of 40K, but I realized I had all my Dark Age Core models built and painted save one. So I figured I would check off that group. I actually want to get a few more models as new ones have been released but I figured its a good goal to finish what I have first.

Today’s paint job is a little more rugged and unfinished then previous days. I wanted to try to roughly match the color scheme I had come up with for my Core warband before. I do not write down my paint schemes unfortunately so to match this exactly would be impossible. This model I am less worried about because I wanted it to be lighter in color (hence the almost white hue). The base color is tough to match though, I think I made custom colors and I’m not even sure what colors I blended from. So lesson learned, if I can ever figure out what colors I used I will make a note next time. Below is a group shot, I actually have 2 other miniatures tucked away but when I buy the other models I will definitely dig them out for a reunion shot.



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