Day 40: Variations on Verdigris

Today was a continuation on more priming/building models. Although the torrential rain yesterday settled down my allergies so I could really get to painting. I have a number of statues to work on, some much larger but I have a few of these LOTR statues primed up and ready to go. I don’t personally play any of the LOTR games, but the terrain is useful and pretty good quality. I know normally most people paint them as stone or marble but I wanted to work on my oxidation techniques. I also wanted to experiment with variation of texture paints.

On these two models I started by painting the metals and highlighting with a bright gold, then I used Stirland mud on the base. Following that because I didn’t have any green flocking material, I custom mixed some green paint into white snow flocking and painted it on to create the ‘ivy’ or moss growing on the lower portions of the miniatures. Then some variations of washes and oxides to age the rest of the model looking fully aged. I am toying with the idea of adding snow, but I wonder if its too weird to blend with the moss color. But glad to get some paint down today and I think these statues look very heavily weathered and could possibly pull double duty in both Felstad and Ghost Archipelago for Frostgrave. I Will have to see how my board looks when I put them down with a bunch of snow terrain as I think these fit the Felstad setting better. If I can find 4 more statues that I like for the setting then I have my set of statues for the ‘Living museum’ scenario.


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