Day 39: Weather issues…

Well today/last night I had to take a break mostly because of terrible allergies. I have been taking medication for it but it was so bad I could not concentrate to focus on painting. But I wasn’t prepared to give into despair despite not being able to paint. I took the time to continue sorting, building, priming some of the backlog of miniatures which puts me ahead for a few days in those areas. The first picture is just some random terrain plus Eldrad. The Second is the group of things to get primed. I apologize for the picture, my garage does not have great light and with the heavy rain takes a while to dry and air out.

So today’s progress was simply getting 7 nice quality miniatures primed, about a dozen pieces built (all those shown), and even a few pieces of terrain primed and ready to go. I primed these models separately as I want to take a bit more time with them, some of them are more rare resin models. I am considering for the next week or so putting together a squad or two and shaking things up with an assembly line multi-day process. The single day is great but I want to cover some ground on my line troops for various armies too.

The models shown which will be painted hopefully sometime soon:

  • Custom walkway built for my laketown board.
  • Studio Mcvey limited sculpt (jetgirl?)
  • Raining Frog Studio Limited sculpt (barbarian deux)
  • Dark Age limited ed. (Lucky
  • Dak Age limited ed. (resin Core TB13)
  • Wrath of Kings character (Lord Hob)
  • x2 random infinity miniatures
  • x2 LOTR statues, will probably get a bronze weathering

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