Day 38: Armageddon approaches

I have only 4 models left to finish for my Armageddon gang. Today’s addition is the model I am going to use for my leader with a power weapon and close combat weapon. I hope that I can do the remaining 4 models in two days, just take care of two models each day or maybe assembly line all 4 across 2 days because they are not special models. They are very similar to the ones I already posted pictures of before, so posting them as daily work is kinda boring. When the whole gang is done I will do a group picture.

The green color scheme has gotten very easy and the majority of this model is in the robes. I took more time then usual because its the hero leader model for the group. I did not really try new techniques just took my time to make sure the blends were as nice and smooth as I could get. I am very pleased with how the model turned out despite not developing any new techniques. Lately most of my work has been organizing, sorting and the like. I think little by little my skill is improving with just daily repetition.


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