Day 37: The long count…

(Notice: Long post, if you just want to see the daily scroll to the bottom.)

Today I spent most of the day sorting/organizing my collection…and taking notes on it ALL. I actually had to stop half way through because it took so long to inventory all the stuff. I’m pretty sure I have a ‘mostly’ accurate count, I think there are a few boxes tucked away somewhere that have a few dozen more models but I couldn’t find them. The grand total is just under 1,000 models from various lines. At various points in my life I have gotten completely out of the hobby and sold most of my miniatures. Only to re-buy some of them years later. In fact in the last 2-3 years I have probably only bought 100 or so of the models I have. The reason this number is significant is it gives me a tangible goal to tackle. I would like to make that number of unpainted models 0 (or very near to it at least). The easiest way is to do this would be to sell everything that is not painted, which I am not yet ready to do. A lot of these are unfinished projects and many models are built, primed and a few dozen are even partially painted. This does not include the terrain as its myriad of assembly options can range in what that number creates. Also this number doesn’t include models I never intend to paint like board game pieces that also happen to be miniatures.

So whats the point then? Well for one I realized I have increased my total number of miniatures fully painted by a significant amount in just over one months worth of work. Also now that I have everything documented I can go through the list and revise what I really want to keep and plot out projects to break away whole chunks of armies. Also I realized I have weaknesses towards certain lines and buying bundles of miniatures. When I do not really need that many miniatures. So after spending some time looking at the numbers these are the tangible goals I came up with:

  1. PAINT 1 model every day for the rest of the year. This will bring my finished count to just over 500 and more then double the number of models I have painted. **Complete 3 partially models each month, these can be the daily project.**
  2. BUILD or set aside at least one model a day to get rid of which will greatly reduce my models that haven’t even been built.
  3. PRIME built models as often as possible (and when weather allows).
  4. SORT miniatures into storage solutions that will fit that army/ group entirely. Find new storage solutions when needed or cut out the rest.

If I follow these 4 simple rules (and IF I do not buy too many new models) I will have my collection painted in under 2 years, mostly done in just one year! That is such a crazy concept to me because I have been collecting miniatures for so long and I have always been terribly overwhelmed with the backlog. I wonder what it would feel like to still have a collection and be active in the hobby but not be bogged down with unfinished work nagging at me…we will see if this is even possible.

So onto the work for the day. I did a revisit to this unfinished Harlequin. The reworked miniatures especially this one is a really amazing sculpt. I tried to bring the ‘check’ pattern in a very subtle way on the lower robes and one of the pipes and make the bright colors balance out. I think I achieved a nice effect with the variety of colors worked in and let me say the Gems are going to be invaluable for working on more of my eldar. I don’t mind gemstones but when you have 2 dozen or more on a single miniature, it’s too much work. I used to just pick one or two and actually gem them. Now I can hit it with a single layer and it looks very good for tabletop quality. Really looking forward to getting back onto my Eldar now, and there is plenty more where this came from.


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