Day 36: Withering fire.

Just yesterday I committed to myself, “Alright self the goal is to do a miniature everyday for the rest of the year!” Today I sat down to work and this urge to do anything else hit me like a ton of bricks. I sat for over an hour just digging through minis trying to figure out something to work on. It wasn’t that I didn’t have anything, it was that I had too much. I felt like I wanted to complete something, but I just couldn’t figure out what to work on. I am grateful to have been able to collect so many miniatures over the years, but it’s become tedious to even decide what to work on. I used to play often but not worry too much about hobbying (specifically painting). So I would just buy all the units I thought would be good or fun to run. Now I feel overwhelmed by the backlog of all the stuff to paint. I think over the next few days I am going to sit and make a list of models that I really want to finish and see if a guided paint log might help. I hope if I set a real tangible guidelines I can feel better and/or more productive.

Today’s model is a piece of terrain, its actually pretty large so I leaned heavy on some easy painting techniques. It’s a gun emplacement for 40K terrain and the terrain pieces are large enough to require the airbrush. However the turrets have much more detail and less flat spaces so a good dose of drybrushing and many washes were used. Despite feeling rough getting started, once I finally settled that this was my project for the night the work flowed easily. The paint detailing isn’t amazing but as it will most often just be a piece of terrain I prefer to try and let the paint do the work. I have about a half dozen more of these to do in various configurations but one is plenty for a days work.


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