Day 35: More unfinished business

To be fair pretty much my entire collection is full of unpainted models and they all need attention. But as I have been digging through boxes and dozens of miniature carrying cases I am constantly finding miniatures that I started and never finished. It brings an interesting esoteric question to mind. When is a miniature ever finished? I think that comes down mostly to when you feel satisfied enough to put down the paint brush. I struggled with never feeling like I ever finished any miniatures. Now I am accepting that a miniature is at a fair completion point after one complete session. I haven’t been timing my work I just sit down and beginning where the project is at and going until I feel I can’t add much. At the moment my goal is to get as much of my collection at least to tabletop quality while I build my skill set. Each day I even pick up my paints I get a little closer to that goal. I would like to complete at least a model everyday for the rest of the year. A pretty big goal since only a month ago I was afraid I wouldn’t even keep up with this for a week.

Today’s model is a Cygnar warcaster. I only had a rough dry-brushing and some dusty blue colors on the robes. By repainting almost everything, changing the base to the muddy brown and winter theme it makes the lighter colors stand out more. Also I lightened all the metals with several layers and then toned down the recesses. I decided to keep his armor ‘clean’ as for some reason the oxide just didn’t feel right. The more I am using the gem technical paint I am really liking it for tabletop standard. Also I noticed I need to visit a game store to refresh some of my blues as they are pretty well dead. I started with a lighter blue highlight but it looked too chalky so I ended up repainting the robes a twice to get it to an acceptable level.


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