Day 34: Better late than never.

Well I am about 12 hours later then I usually post. Last night I was having some really bad allergy symptoms and my eyes were watering and simply could not focus on painting. After the air cleared today and some rest I was able to get down to work. I intend on painting another miniature in a few hours but I wanted to get this one up on the correct day. Today’s model is a Djinn from the now out of print game Helldorado. I had bought the model a while back for a painting challenge and never brought myself to finish him, I figured it would be an excellent model to practice transitions on. I even went a step further and added some free hand to the custom base which is my best attempt at the Arabic word for Djinn (second picture).

I am satisfied with the green blending and contrast. The blades actually are a bit washed out in the pictures compared to real life. The dark grey highlights on the black skin might be a bit too subtle. I am still having a hard time blending up to more sheer highlights on a black background. I’m going to dig and see if I can’t find a better technique for doing this. I may use this model if the occasion arises in Frostgrave for a construct or some sort of summoned elemental.


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