Day 33: Tiger eye desert

Today’s addition is a group of terrain pieces I custom made. They are made from insulation foam board that I cut irregularly using a wire foam cutter. I wanted the pieces to look like they were desert stone that had striated layers and had slowly been eroded by either seasonal flooding or perhaps the wind blowing at them. This type of terrain is not new, I have seen much better terrain builders make much better versions but these were part of my first attempt. I have a small box full of 2 dozen or so of these pieces of terrain. My thought is to either build a table where the entire base is these sections glued down or perhaps just a section and then use larger plateau like pieces for terrain. Still unsure, and probably leaning toward these being used as scatter terrain as I really do not have the workshop or storage room for a permanent board.

The paint job started originally with the brown color you see in the third picture. I have found that when visiting my local Home Depot (or other big box home improvement store) they often have small 1 qt. size samples of paint for only $1. Often this is because customers will buy a sample and not like the paint, or someone orders a sample and doesn’t pick it up. The benefit for us hobbyists is to get house paint really cheap. The application is small but for projects like this you have to use a thicker house paint or layer of glue to apply to foam before painting and certainly before any type of spraying. I hand painted these stones with a dark umber, orange, and beige color trio for the sort of ‘tiger-eye’ color scheme which I think fits the desert well. I want to see if my airbrush can produce better results as its more time consuming to hand paint, but that will require either properly thinning these paints or more likely buying correct color airbrush specific paints. Overall I think the color combination works, I did find that the paint was drying rather quickly. I think this was due to the foam still absorbing some moisture, I may have to experiment with modge-podge as I have heard good things about creating a vapor barrier with it.


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