One month’s work.

When I set out on this whole #dailyminiature plan I didn’t expect I would make it a solid week little less a month. Following are some photos of the fruits of my labor thus far. If you have been following along, thank you! If your just checking for the first time my goal is each day I attempt to complete one miniature then I ramble on about my troubles, triumphs and most importantly what I learned.

Today my backdrop was clearly not big enough, even with using two 24″ x 30″ sheets of paper as a sweep I could barely fit all the models on my desk. As I have said before a good problem to have. This first photo is the obligatory hodgepodge of all the minis and terrain in no particular order, just where things could fit:


The next photos are the group of terrain on the left, mostly sci-fi (32 pieces in all). And of course the miniatures completed on the right, fairly evenly split (27 models). Bringing the sum total of painted pieces to 59 total in 1 month! Some vary in complexity and detail, most all models were completed in about 2 hours of paint time total. The scatter terrain pieces are what really brought the total up, but makes me feel pretty accomplished.

The last group of photos are my progress shots of the two games I have been working on. The left is my Frostgrave (Ghost Archipelago) crew, and the right is the half way point of my Shadow War Armageddon gang. I have about 5 models for each to finish, but I think the Frostgrave crew is actually at a playable amount I need to look. I know my Armageddon gang needs exactly 5 more models which I have selected and primed.

It has been an exciting journey. I feel like I have learned new things about painting that if I had not done this exercise everyday I wouldn’t have learned or it would have taken me much longer. It makes me wonder, what would 2 months teach me? What would 6 months or a year of progress look like? Maybe, just maybe I can keep up with this crazy goal and keep pushing myself to that next step. Thank you for joining me on this journey, I hope this can somehow inspire you to achieve your own goals. Work at something a little everyday and real progress can be made.


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