Day 31: Viking adventures in Felstad

I figured since I have been on a roll it would be a shame to break the trend on the 60th model to get paint. Today’s addition is my likely wizard for my Norse warband for Frostgrave (in Felstad). I have been working over the last month on my Ghost Archipelago crew but as the rules aren’t out yet I think I have gotten ahead of myself. So to play to the current setting whats better then a viking theme? This model and most of the ones for this warband will come from CMON Blood Rage board game. This is one of the mystic expansion figures.

I think the green robes came out excellent, the blending that the paint additive I have been using has really made my life easier. I used my tried and true snow basing technique which I only modified by adding a touch of white paint to the mix, tomorrow I will check to see how the opacity of the snow looks but I am satisfied for now. Ive looked at it a few times and I keep thinking I need to add something, a sigil on the robe or tattoo or something….can’t put my finger on it though.


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