Day 30: Something unfinished

Yesterday was a very productive day, today I considered calling it early and just settling in for a movie. Well I did end up watching that movie but after I thought I really ought to do something. When I looked around the room for an interesting project I stumbled across an unfinished piece of terrain. This is one of the GW Age of Sigmar “Baleul Realmgates”. I had started it and set it on top of my display case but I had an issue getting the green to a bright enough color so I just left it unfinished. From what I have learned and practiced in the last month I would say I was successful in the finishing off the piece.

I few dry-brushing on the metals, blending some layers of green and a variety of washes to make the stone pop and its a presentable piece of terrain. I have a matching second realm gate but I haven’t decided what color to make the fire, maybe purple or blue not sure just yet. Although my focus I think will be towards Sci-Fi terrain I don’t want to leave my fantasy collection out of the mix. I suppose this technically completes 1 month of progress…or tomorrow actually since this was finished for the 29th. Also need to figure out how I will complete an entire group shot as I have actually painted a lot in a month. Turns out that is a good problem to have.


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