Day 29: Terrain overdrive

So I broke out the airbrush again today, I have been itching too use it again. The result was just kind of grabbing all the terrain I had close at hand ready to work on. I had a few buildings but once I saw the stack of terrain I already had I figured that was enough. So instead of one terrain piece I finished 9. I will say all the finishes are a bit rough, but that is what I look for on my terrain. I figured this larger cylinder would look good with some color on it. So today is a hodgepodge of various mdf terrain pieces along with a Mantic battlezones rubble piece. The blue storage tank is from Warsenal, and the hex container is from Antenocitis Workshop.

For those that don’t know blues and earth tones always look good together. So I heavily chipped all the edges with a dark brown and I used the same on all the other terrain pieces. Then I liberally applied various washes mostly Agrax earthshade, Nuln oil a bit of a green wash and some oxide. Even broke out the dry pigment too. I like how when I use the airbrush I can really accomplish a lot at once. Its certainly not the high end airbrush work that some painters do but for bulk of terrain quick is key. I think a tentative goal will be to have a table worth of terrain available in 1-2 months. If I used the airbrush I think that would be a reasonable goal. The group shot was so large my backdrop couldn’t fit. So maybe its time to order a bigger backdrop from Hangar 18.


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