Day 28: Running it back

So I checked in on one of my favorite streamers today and he was painting an amazing Alien model with a curious layering technique just using washes over a silver highlight layer. I tried to replicate it because I thought it would be a faster and better looking way to replicate the skin. I have to mention Mi_Cho is a MUCH better painter then I am, hes won awards and I can only aspire to be where he is at. What he is doing I understand but technically its harder then it looks. Also because his model is a single color I wonder if the colors pop more. It’s something to keep experimenting with for sure. I achieved the iridescent look and smooth blends from one color to the other. But it certainly is not the quality his model is at, my current path is painting models faster too this took about 2 hours from priming to photograph so I can’t be too disappointed it doesn’t hold up to his caliber of painting.

As you can see from the picture on the right the first model appears a little darker. With that greater difference in contrast I think I may actually prefer the original paint pattern for these models. I used a variety of colors red/blue/green/brown as washes and also attempting the same wash layering technique but focusing only on say a purple may be the way to go. I think the green and brown specifically get too close in tone to the armor plating so I will have to maybe try this again and modify it a little bit. I am definitely going to use the paint technique again, oddly enough its almost exactly how GW recommends to use their gem paints in a way. But I will have to try it with different color combinations and maybe even in smaller doses. Fun experiment for sure, also I notice the white background makes the contrast too high and so maybe its always better to have a dark background for photos.


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