Day 27: Alien day

Today I must honor Alien day (my posts are always up a day late as I actually put up the days work at like 4AM local time before bed). I remember the first Alien movie being probably the most terrifying movie I had ever seen as a kid. It was that cold black space where the universe doesn’t care if you live or die kind of existential fear. Games workshop did a wonderful job of tapping into that same feeling with the Tyranids and the most iconic one of all time to me is the Genestealer. I remember when the first PC version of Space Hulk came out and played it a ton because I had an older brother who was into the hobby. I wanted to do a throwback with my design, I believe that the original genestealers where actually sort of bluish purple but I went the more Alien approach with a black. Some purple on the skin is worked in, and all the skin is hit up with a gloss varnish. The bone carapace however is left dry looking where I spent most of my time blending and I wanted a nice contrast.

This paint scheme is something I came up with a long time ago, but I was never able to pull off the smoothness of the transitions before. I still think my blending scheme for the grey to black is too chalky but its much closer to what I want to see. The gloss finish on the skin makes it difficult to see though, I am not sure if I will keep it for future iterations. For these genestealers I will have to do like 50 of them for the space hulk kit so maybe a more basic approach is worthwhile. Not sure, I want them to look great and I think the bone work might be enough. No rush to figure it out just experimenting with future army paint schemes.


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