Day 26: Heavy weather

Today’s experiment is using a variety of techniques I have been practicing. I took one of the two storage tanks from Warsenal and hand painted using the retarder to bring edges to rough highlights. I then used a series of washes and brought out some dry pigments to add rust effects beyond just oxidation. The weathering pigment is from secret weapon and I have used it a few times before but certainly never with this much vigor. During the process I also added some decals that I had laying around as I normally do not use them but I figured when I am in the experimental mood I should go for broke. Tomorrow I think I may paint the other storage tank but will try airbrushing the base and copying the similar weathering to see what the difference between them looks like.

Part of the reason I went so heavy on the weathering was that I actually forgot to sand the edges of some of the laser cut ribbing. I figured by having high contrast it will draw the eye away from the rough detail. Overall I am pretty satisfied with the piece, I am hoping tomorrow the airbrush layer underneath will provide a little bit brighter look. I may even go crazy and paint the other canister a white, well have to see. It is amazing how liberating painting can be when you really challenge yourself to cut loose and not worry too much about details. This kit will make a great addition though to any sci-fi table from Armageddon to Infinity.


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