Day 25: Three for one…

Today was a very productive day. It was absolutely beautiful out so despite really wanting to break out the airbrush I ended up doing everything else. I have had these models for years and they have just been sitting. What I love about the shifting stones is they can pull double duty. Of course they are a unit for Hordes but more so then that using them as objective markers could be really fun. Since adding the grass to the new Cygnar model I figure I will use the winter grass on all my Warmahordes models. Ironically because they are fairly straight forward models without a ton of color, painting all 3 was faster then just painting one regular model.

I initially thought about breaking out the airbrush for the coloring, but as I said before I didn’t take the time to set it up today. Instead I paint over the entire model for the green colors blending them from dark to light in the middle and overpainted the grey colors again blending from dark at the edges towards a light in the middle. I think the effect is much smoother and nicer then a drybrush in this case. Then I added some dark ink washes to the cracks to really shake up the texture. I like the earthy green tones and even put a little oxide on the stone which might be out of place but I have been enjoying it so much I really like the extra splashes of color. Overall nice bright balance with some good contrast.


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