Day 24: Some basic objectives

Today brings something a bit different. I was searching through boxes of miniatures looking for something to paint. I have a very large collection of stuff that needs attention, but sometimes I just need to work on something different, mix it up. Lately all my painting has been models for my Frostgrave crew and Armageddon gang. As I dug through I found a project I had put aside a while ago. These are hand sculpted objective markers. My idea for them was to create weird stone for Mordheim a long time ago (I know traditionally weird stone is bright green). I am not much of a sculptor so I figured smooth organic rock shapes would be pretty easy. I just used sculptey and rolled out rough shapes and carefully cut them with a sharp exacto blade before baking to harden. There are resin crystals are available to buy, I even own some but it was a fun project to work on, they just needed some paint. I figured to get more practice with the subtle wet blending that the paint retarder provides these would be perfect to use.



I think this was a good choice of ‘model’ to practice with. I used a dark purple base, and then blended down to a black at the base, and up to a brighter pink on the edges. The sheen on them comes from a layer of gloss that is still drying in this photo. As the edges were still a bit tacky I didn’t photograph them on the background as I thought they might stick. I will take a better photograph later and add it in. In this photo the stones look very dark, I think I actually need more light as they appear brighter in person. Overall I am feeling more and more comfortable with the new medium. I want to experiment with the technical gem paints from Games Workshop now and see how they compare to painting dark colors like this. So that means I may have to make more of these stacks of stones and try it out. But honestly I do not think that will happen for a while.

(Picture updated with backdrop so it is brighter.)


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