Day 23: Revisiting bright color schemes

Today I thought about how I am counting down the weeks but I am fairly close to a full month 30 days instead of the 28 days if I only go by weeks. The reason I was considering it was whether I should take the group photo at the end of the month or simply at the 4 week mark. I suppose I will have to give it some consideration. Let me say this much, sitting down to paint after doing some hard manual labor is tough. This model ended up taking me probably and extra hour because my back was hurting and kept needing to stretch. But that being said I am very pleased with the results.

This is another Mazu dreadful pirate miniature from CMON that I am using for my Frostgrave crew. I revisited my pink color scheme from before and this time blended a blood red up from the bottom and into all the shadowed areas. I used the acrylic retarder again on both the cloth and the flesh tones and again I am very pleased by how easy it makes blending colors. I still feel like I have a lot to learn about the process but I am very pleased with the rapid progress its allowed me to make. Also I used the green gem technical paint again and I am even more pleased with the result on a quick application, they are starting to grow on me more everyday. I really like how my whole crew ghost archipelago crew is coming together.


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