Day 22: Each day makes a difference

Today’s work may look very different from what I have been doing. Not just that its a big robot from Warmachine. If you look at the painting its much smoother then recent miniatures. I decided today to take a trip to the art supply store and pick up some (Golden paint) acrylic retarder. I’ve had many friends (especially great painters) tell me that they will never go back to painting without using a retarder. As weird as it sounds, I have never used one. Honestly I never had a good reason not to, I just never really thought it would make any significant difference. Honestly this additive makes a massive difference. Adding a small amount really extends the drying time of the paint on the model. I achieved the brightness by wet blending and then later wet blending in dark layers too. It also helps even out the texture, often I find my brushwork can be streaky and leave almost haziness. The retarder allows the paint to settle even if your not making the smoothest brush strokes. I would say you still need basic skills to really make use of it, but it does make things easier. My experience took longer then I normally would paint for the day. But I got started early so it worked out just fine. Here are the results:

I am exceptionally pleased with the first attempt on using the new product. I also added in some little bushes to the base which is nothing all that exciting but mixes up the look a bit. Because it took so long to get the blues blended and smooth compared to normal I left the metals fairly basic, couple layers with some ink washes. I’m very impressed, its not expensive and if you have never tried get yourself some sort of acrylic retarder. I am now a believer. I will definitely be using it more in the future, probably more selectively because it can take a long time to wait for layers to dry compared to normal. So I will have to ask myself each day whats my goal? Getting a miniature ready for tabletop, or doing the best paint job I can. Both are viable, and its just something to consider. The last few weeks have been about getting in a routine and building some progress. I don’t mind slowing down sometimes to make something look even better.


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