Day 21: 3 Weeks complete!

It is looking and feeling more and more likely that I will be able to keep this up for at least a month. I considered taking a group picture today of the last weeks work but as I already started with a bi-weekly group shot I kind of like the idea of just sticking with that. I wonder how it will work because my backdrop is pretty small and if I start tackling the larger terrain pieces I will have to figure out something else to do.

Today’s piece is a Scaven sorcerer or leader model from the Warhammer core box set before it switched to age of sigmar. I almost grabbed a hand full of scatter terrain today but I thought it best to push on with a model instead. I intend of making a Skaven gang for Mordheim / Frostgrave as they always seemed to fit in that setting more then most. My favorite part of the model is how the banners and sigil on turned out. I used a much heavier layering of oxide but mixed with a light green layer paint that made it a shade darker and more opaque. I also experimented with one of the technical paints that GW put out, the green gem on the base is using the gem paint. I am not sure its better then layering and simply applying a gloss layer but it is faster. I bought it hoping to experiment and next time I will take more time with the gem prepping it then apply the gem paint over the top. I hope a combination of the two styles will give the best results. Just a really fun model to work on, which I needed that additional motivation.


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