Day 20: Half way to Armageddon

Today I spent a bit of the afternoon actually figuring out how many models I need to play the game. As weird as it sounds I knew I was going to use the minis for Armageddon but did not think about how many I would need. I plan on finishing up a full set of 10 miniatures with the remaining 5 set aside and primed ready to go. This list although they are in fact Chaos cultists I am intending to play as Cadian Imperial Guard (Astra Militarum). I’ve made a list with weapons and i’m  ready to play once I have enough terrain and finish the paint job of the gang. Tonight marks the half way point which feels pretty good. I need to do the same thing for my Frostgrave crew soon too.

The paint job is very simple now as I have the color scheme down. I am not in the habit of writing down paint schemes but I think before I finish I will do so because I find myself using the same paints every time. I would paint more this evening but I have an appointment early in the morning to attend and I really can’t stay up much longer. So hopefully something more extensive tomorrow evening! (Maybe if the weather cooperates even some airbrushing.)


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