Day 19: Late evening

Tonight is going to be a brief post. I unfortunately left my work area in a state of disarray from earlier in the day building more terrain. I mustered through taking time to clear off enough space to work but no backdrop for photos or anything special tonight unfortunately. It’s funny though how something so small as a messy work area can almost push me to not do my mini for the night. I tried to rationalize that I am tired and I did other work. I pushed through it like catching my second wind when running. I am glad I did. There is no improvement without dedication and hard work. Not every piece is going to be my best but this is the time I get to improve, by pushing myself when I don’t want to.


Although this model may not be my best model, I think the turquoise color for the pants which I blended up came out nicely along with the wraps. Both I spent time on to carefully highlight and did not use any washes on those areas so they are both fairly bright. I think the discipline of working every day is starting to show. My lines are getting a little cleaner and my speed is up a bit.



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