Day 18: Scatter terrain on the brain

Today I spent the majority of my hobby time building terrain. Once it got late I decided since I had worked on terrain for a couple hours that I ought to just finish some scatter terrain. I personally really love random scatter terrain tucked into corners of terrain or piled up in heaps to make barricades on gaming tables. I have a rather extensive collection that needs copious levels of work and so technically rather then painting one model I spent the same amount of time painting 15 pieces of scatter (3 barrel, 4 crates, 8 barriers).

The barrels and chests are both from the GW armored container kit. Each sprue gives you 1 container plus 3 barrels and 4 ammo crates which is fair amount of terrain. I will likely do each of the stacks a different color for the next sets when I get around to them. The clear barriers are from Antenocitis Workshop. Its just tedious work but I used a thinned down white paint to fill the laser engraved areas to make the letters pop. Its not much of a paint job on them but I really like laser etched stuff on acrylic for sci-fi tabletop additions.

The last group of shots are the buildings where I spent the core of my time today. I typically have not been adding in shots of primed, and built models but I figured I might as well share. The first is a fairly large building built out of Mantic games Battlezone kits. I have a large amount of these kits so they will comprise the majority of my Sci-fi board (primarily for Armageddon and Infinity). The grey building comes from Pegasus hobbies, which will be a sort of crosswalk. Last is more primed scatter terrain rubble from Mantic, the rest are laser cut wood but I do not recall the brand. If I can figure out where they are from I will drop in a link.


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