Day 17: Mistakes were made…

I tried a different color combination tonight. This red, purple and white combination works nicely but the cool tone of the white really washes out the flesh color. This is probably the first miniature thus far that I hit a wrinkle that really bothers me. So I think I will have to spend some time considering how I can avoid this in the future. But every journey has mistakes and learning curves. Not every mini is going to turn out perfect, especially because I am using only 1-2 hours per mini to paint. I wonder if I need to slow down and spend more time on each mini…

I actually began painting this as primarily green base, was going to go for an emerald green into a yellowish hue. But after I started I reconsidered since I have been painting so much green lately on my Armageddon gang. I really wanted to keep the group colorful and I think that has been accomplished. Here is a progress update 5 minis down!


When I look at the group shot I can see just how dark the purple is. It worked with the smaller splash color on the wizard, but I think it would have been better to reverse the red/purple areas as the color tends to recede. So after looking at all the minis together it may not be the flesh color at all, just that the purple I selected was too dark for that much surface area. Lesson learned, may revisit the model but I am happy to have finished it all the same. (And I wonder if failing is not a more valuable lesson then everything working perfectly.)


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