Day 16: A little closer each day

Today I spent some additional hobby time sorting and organizing part of my collection. Its very useful to reorganize from time to time as when you reach a certain point in collecting you may actually forget all the models you have. But even more important it feels good to be adding painted models to the display case. I also started building a baneblade and some terrain for ShadowWar Armageddon. Thankfully I have a number of terrain kits laying about to try to build a whole city with. Obviously the massive tank is not for the skirmish game but the kit has been collecting dust which is a real shame and thought that ought be changed. My plan for this week is to focus mostly on finishing models for Armageddon and Frostgrave. Hopefully with some more time for airbrushing terrain as well.

Today the hive-gang member has much more green as he has some hand down Cadian clothes it seems. I think my desk light is a littler too bright and washes out the darker color a bit in this photo but I am very comfortable now with making green highlights. Which is great because I have a lot of Dark Angel models yet to work on. But more importantly this model moves me much closer to a starting gang to play Armageddon with. Although in the past I never let playing with unpainted models stop me. I hope by restricting myself to playing with only painted models it will fuel the desire to finish them. Also now that I have a bit of a routine I wonder if I will make it to a month straight of painting.


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