Day 15: More airbrush practice

Today was some pretty nice weather early on that turned into rain storms but before they rolled in I set up my airbrush booth to practice some more. I do not actually have a permanent location for my spray booth so I have it precariously stacked on boxes in front of a window for venting that I disassemble after I use it each time. If you notice I am only using the airbrush on larger terrain pieces its because I do not yet feel proficient enough to use it on small detailed minis. Each time I have used it I feel a little more comfortable with settings and properly cleaning it between each step but I want to practice on models that have a lot of space to just get the basics down. Today’s project is a terrain piece from Games Workshop. It’s one of three in a kit of cargo containers, which can be useful for 40k, Armageddon, and Infinity. Its much bulkier then the last  container with more surface detail.

I like how the images I took yesterday were much clearer with the nice backdrop so I will continue to use this for the gallery images. I left the doors unglued as they can very easily pop in and are snug enough to stay put on the tabletop. This made the paint job twice as hard difficult but I airbrushed both the interior and exterior  prior to assembly. I like the modularity of the kit and the little vent-arches on the side don’t stand out as much as I expected. I wanted the interior heavily worn/corroded and the color to stand out enough from the exterior but still be a realistic color.

I took quick photos inside my spray booth to log my work flow and show the steps I was using. I wouldn’t call this a tutorial as I really have little knowledge of airbrushing and am just getting started. After priming with a light grey (Tamiya) I mixed a custom bone color to spray the interior. I flipped over the other pieces to show the contrasting difference from the color that they were primed as. Next I just used a straight Agrax Earthshade wash to add some shadow and wear. I found using the wash was a bit too thin via airbrush so I needed to apply less then I liked initially but because I knew I was going to go in with a brush later I didn’t worry about it too much. Next I flipped everything over and mixed up a custom medium-dark grey for the exterior. Last step was adding some shadows with a straight black. I think next time I would do whats called ‘pre-shading’ and spray the black first in a heavier pattern and then apply the grey in a lighter layer over the top. Both ways work I suppose for adding the darker recesses but I can see the benefit to trying the other way. After all the airbrush was done I went in with a brush adding chipping, multiple layers of washes as well as the golds for details. I have to dig through my decal transfer sheets for appropriate numbers/letters but I will do this once I have all three pieces finished. I think I will try different colors on each as it’s more fun to have a variety of color on the tabletop.


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