Day 14: Two weeks strong!

As promised today is a bit of a celebration. First I am going to reflect on a group shot of all the models completed this week and a gallery of better photographs of each as promised (click to enlarge each). Its a random gathering of so many different miniatures with vastly different paint schemes it reminds me of old 90’s comic cross overs where all the heroes are posed next to one another. The following are close ups of each model with a nice backdrop and some color correction to get closer to what I see on my tabletop. Each picture you see with the white background previously has just been taken with my phone.


I think my favorite miniature(s) from this week were (larger thumbnails) 1. The Lich king, as I really prefer the dark and light contrast. 2. The Infinity terrain was an absolute blast to do something really creative. 3. The Curse of Mazdu pirate in pink was a real learning experience with color and the blends came out very smooth in my opinion.

The final addition (not featured in the group shot) as it was taken after. Is another Curse of Mazdu (CMON) model. I intend to use this one as well for Frostgrave and I think he will fit very well as either a barbarian or a treasure hunter. He has a bunch of gear on the front of him and hes a bit larger then the other models I have completed. He was a blast to work on and is much darker by design. I wanted him to feel more like a mongol and thus his gear would all clash a bit from the brightly colored garb of the others. Group shot of the gang once its all complete.


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