Day 13: Chronomage or Slow Mobius?

Tonight I was feeling pretty terrible, I had a persisting headache and actually had to take some aspirin and a nap before working. Surprisingly though after a short rest I was able to get myself up and pick up the brush. This is probably my least favorite paint job as its too simple from what I have done over the last 2 weeks. But the point is to break into a regular routine so I am satisfied that I actually forced myself to do this. Tomorrow marks 2 weeks which is a significant goal for me. I thought to celebrate I would take some better photos (currently just using phone with poor lighting) and a backdrop rather then my desk space. I don’t know if it will make the miniatures look better but might be fun to have a group shot of 2 weeks worth of work and recap on what I learned. Tonights mini is a GW Empire Sorcerer that I will most likely use as a Chronomage for Frostgrave.

This model needs some free hand painting possibly on the staff and the back of the cloak. Its a beautiful miniature but it has so much flat surface I have to add some sort of texture. So although I am calling it for the evening I may revisit the model. One thing I recently remembered at the beginning of this process was that when working with metallic paints to start with a dark layer. I have been priming with light grey lately so this requires going back in and putting an additional layer just to make the metals pop more. I actually use 3 layers for either silver or gold with a wash as well. I start at closer to a coppery brass color to work up to either silver or gold. The blue and red cloak is a little dark but its because I again used the purple wash to darken recesses in both. These colors will actually work really nicely for crimson fists when I get around to them. But I need to work the highlights up a bit brighter and need to find the right colors to do so.


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