Day 12: Double trouble

I am finding it easier each day to keep up the work, once I actually get started I find the work flow easy. So much so that in the time its taken me to do one miniature normally I did two. The first miniature was something I picked up at a local gaming shop. Its a new product I wanted to see what the quality is like. Evidently Paizo has put out its own line similar to reaper bones line which is a somewhat flexible plastic. The detail looks a little crisper and its price point is also very inexpensive. I had a terrible experience the first time I tried a Reaper bones plastic mini and had sworn them off. What happened is there was some sort of mold release or uncured plastic on parts of the model and no primer would stick. I wanted to see how this product compared (and hoped for something better). Also interesting is the model comes pre-primed, which I think is an strange idea as there are still some mold lines visible so filing them down will take all the primer around it off and you would need to prime the model again. I actually think it may be a bit of a deficit for more experienced painters, but for the new painter or someone just starting it could actually be a huge benefit. I have seen many new players really flood detail on miniatures with too much primer, also it saves some money to start. This example I did nothing about filing down mold lines and overall they are pretty minor but I can still see a few and it does bother me. So if your looking for a quick (and cheap) model to paint and don’t mind about losing some fine detail its a great product. I really can’t complain because $4 for 2 minis is crazy cheap. Overall a much better buy then Reaper bones!

The second model follows my work from yesterday I like the paint scheme for the under-hive gang I came up with. Its gritty, with a touch of color and feels at home in the grim dark. I also think the orange pop stands out a bit more against the green. By the time I am done with 10 or so of these models I am confident my brown transitions are going to be much smoother. This one already looks better then the one from yesterday.




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