Day 11: More Shadow war gang

Today brings a fairly brief post, I spent much of the day cleaning and prepped a few larger terrain pieces. With some pretty heavy rainstorms in the area I passed on airbrushing. I am not sure how or if humidity affects airbrushing but as much as I want to work on that skill set I do not want to rush it. I have a tremendous amount of terrain to get around to painting but building is something that is not so interesting to photograph if its not custom work. I intend on also revisiting my lake-town homemade building once I have my GW kit built just so I can demonstrate size differences.

This model is another Chaos cultist from the Dark Vengeance kit. I am not a big fan of running cultists in the regular game but I think these models are perfect for Shadow War Armageddon / Necromunda. These guys feel like they have lived their whole lives in the under-hive. I personally like how the green on the cowl turned out. Its just on the edge of the right color intensity for me. I pushed myself to brighten it more and I feel pretty happy about the end result. I think this series of green layers and blending will work well for Dark Angels and even maybe Salamander green layers. The brown of the coat took as many or more layers but still looks a bit too muted for my tastes. I have another dozen or so of these models to get the brown right. Also the neon green eyes turned out well but I may go with a neon orange or pink to set it off as an accent color.


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