Day 10: Ultramarine test colors

I am very happy to have had time to experiment with my bonus post, but I did not count that post as a finished miniature as the underside still needs airbrushing. That being said I also realize I think its better to start on a model that needs more concentration first. Because I started with the looser model I found myself a bit tired at the end of trying to be more precise. Next time I will switch the order and use the open ended creative for the later model.  This paint job may not seem all that impressive, and I don’t really think it is but my goal is to sort out a paint pattern I like for the rest of the Ultramarines. I intend to do a small detachment for each Legion so I can learn how to paint many different styles. Keeping colors clean and crisp is very Ultra.

I have never painted an Ultramarine before. I have painted many Dark Angels and various other chapters and I always just passed on the Ultramarines as I kind of wrote off their paint scheme. I have to say my experience today made me appreciate some excellent Ultra paint jobs. I am not entirely satisfied with the blue, its still a bit dark (as usual), and the white helmet needs some more shadow but I found a new color combination I really love for the cape. Today I used a Druchii Violet wash to darken the recesses of the red cape and I really like how it came out. It is likely my favorite color combination I recently discovered.


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