Bonus post! Airbrush experiments…

Today I had some extra time and finally broke in my airbrush. I had ordered a few new products (a flow assist additive, a collection pot for cleaning and an enclosed spray booth from Amazon). I have never used an airbrush except maybe 3 times to base coat some models but no advanced techniques. I bought my airbrush/compressor 3 years ago and every time I looked at it on my shelf I kept telling myself I need to learn how to use it. Well this is my first very basic attempt at using an airbrush. The following model is an Aleph storage container from Antenocitis Workshop

The first image shows a before/after (the kit I bought came with 2 copies). His models come ‘pre-primed’ which I have never really seen anywhere else before with masking over the top. I peeled the masking off all the areas I did not want to keep the white color as a base. Then I proceeded to use a light grey airbrushing layer over the whole model. Followed that with a white highlight along edges and then hit the top symbol and side symbols with black. There is a before/after shot of the sides after I went in with some washes and brush work. I really wanted to keep the model fast and loose. So much of it is using washes it looks more like a water color piece. I was experimenting with getting my airbrush for fast base layers and used 4 different colors of washes along with a dark brown and silver for additional texture/wear patterns. I was painting on top of layers while others where still wet or partially dry and got a really interesting mix. The yellow is meant to be some sort of random graffiti (I imagined its a stylized word ‘Lut’ but is heavily worn and was even running in the rain.

AlephContainer1 (1)

It might look bad, but that was kind of the point. I want this storage container to look like it has been sitting outside in the elements corroding for a long time. Also this is one of those rare times where I feel like I had a piece to really mess experiment with. I normally have a little more exacting style and it is really fun to just let the brush and paint flow.


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