Day 9: Step-by-step quick and dirty terrain.

Whats this sorcery? A Terrain post? -Yes, I have intended (and continue to plan) a bunch of custom terrain projects to show how you can build and paint your own custom terrain and even available kits. So today one of my many waiting terrain projects gets some paint.

I both wanted to mix up the post style and needed to for simple time constraints. This post is a step-by-step guide for quickly painting blast craters or any type of rubble terrain. Featured is a custom built crater that I made a few years ago and just never got around to painting. I was very tired tonight after attending a wedding and needed a project I could complete fairly quickly to get some rest. What makes painting a piece of terrain like this so quick is a limited color pallet and using dry-brushing technique for maximum affect.

Crater1 (3) The first image (above) is the foundation, begin by priming. I suggest black for hiding any missed spots and creates a nice dark base to work up from.

The three images then show the next steps in order:

1) Dark grey base layer across the entire piece. (make sure to water down the paint at least 1-1 ratio).

2) Drybrush with a lighter grey while the dark grey is still somewhat wet, avoid watering down this mix and go lightly.

3) repeat the same step with a pure white blended with a bit of the lighter grey. (apply with a lighter touch and cover only the highest points).

*4) **Optional** In the middle of the third image you may be able to see it is significantly darker. I achieved this by Drybrushing the center with black. This creates the look of an explosion and a more dynamic appearance.


The last step (on the left) is adding some snow effects. I used Woodland Scenics brand which is the most common hobby snow flocking available in the US (and cheapest by volume from what I can see). Honestly any snow flocking will work fine (I have used many brands GW /Army Painter etc). At this point I mix the flock with a PVA glue 1 to 1 ratio with a bit of water and apply sparingly in as close to a random order I can. Then sprinkle some pure flocking over the top let dry for a moment and turn upside down and tap the bottom. This will help dislodge any extra loose flocking. The final image is a side by side of the new crater (right) versus another piece I painted over 3 years ago. You can see they look very similar even though the paint colors are probably different and both provide a very cool finished look for a piece of terrain. If you want to see how I mix my snow flocking I made a video several years ago:

Wargaming Tabletop: Snow Basing

Bonus: If you want to see how I built this terrain here is some more videos:

Infinite Terrain Project: Blast Crater Part 1      Infinite Terrain: Project Blast Crater 2


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