Day 8: More bright colors

Breaking past a week painting a model every day was a substantial accomplishment for me. I know for some painters a dozen models in a week may be a small amount even but my main goal is to train myself to a regular schedule. In the future I hope to crank out some units and practice assembly line style painting again as well. But for the time being I am pretty happy mixing up the painting schemes and trying various color combinations.

Above is the (probable) wizard for my Frostgrave crew. This model unlike most of the others comes from the Wrath of Kings miniature game (also made by CMON). Most of the other models are single piece plastics from Rum & Bones. I keep pushing for brighter colors as I often feel my painting is very dark and I want some nice contrast. The darker purple for the under robe contrasts nicely to the green/yellow layer above but I am thinking about changing the lapels on the upper robe to a slightly brighter color even. I have been really enjoying the oxide wash from GW for tarnishing metals a lot and if used sparingly adds some fun color.

Lastly I got a Hobbit laketown kit from Games workshop today so never fear there will be a return to the laketown table project in the future. Waiting on a few more airbrush parts to experiment with as well on the larger terrain pieces. Below image is GW studio.


(Games Workshop image of the Laketown kit)


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