Day 7: One complete week

The first full week is done! I don’t know how long I will be able to keep up the everyday model pace but since pushing through a few tough days it feels pretty good. I find that looking at friends miniatures and other painters blogs has been very encouraging lately. I look at other artists work (which is often much better) but I think one of these days I will have a fantastic work blog with a lot of content. Today’s influence came from my buddy Adam Huenecke, if I can find his Instagram or blog I will post a link to his work.    Today I went for something very different with a light pink color as my focus. I started in the middle and went both darker and lighter with using minimal wash and almost no wash on the flesh tone to keep it light. I think I am headed in the right direction brightening up the models. Each day I am working on a different color scheme to kinda experiment with different textures and paint thicknesses and even varying from layering to dry brushing and varying washes. Today’s new experiment besides color was including a GW ‘dry’ paint for quick dry brushing and although I don’t think I have mastered it I can see the benefit, where as before I always wrote them off.

Above is one of the Rum and Bones hero models from Curse of Mazdu set. I really like the theme of the pseudo pirates. My plan for the models is to use 10 of them to create a Frostgrave army. I had heard the next big expansion is a cursed island/pirate theme expanding on the existing universe so I thought I would get a head start with something unique. I also have several Blood Rage models that I will also use for a nordic/skyrim themed army. Below is the first week group shot 7 very different miniatures from mostly different lines:



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