Day 6: To Infinity and beyond!

Well today ended up being somewhat different then expected. I figured that I would work on one of the 30k minis instead I ended up working on an Infinity model. I had to work on something cyberpunk as I went and checked out the new Ghost in the Shell remake. Although it was a fluffy spoon fed story for the average movie going audience I got exactly what I expected: some good old nostalgic cinematic eye candy. The 3D was a nice upgrade (compared to some movies that make little difference). Overall it did exactly what I want from a movie, it made me lose myself for a few hours in a plausible fictional world. Weta’s contributions with practical effects were really awesome even if the movie, continuity and acting were less then spectacular. I am looking forward to the new Aliens movie and Blade runner later this year even though I again expect very little from them. As I have learned when it comes to modern movies, expect little and you will be much more satisfied. I recall when Prometheus came out how excited I was and then just absolutely devastated that it turned out to be a movie with so many plot holes. On to the miniature, todays work was a Limited edition model from 2nd Edition Infinity (a bounty hunter I believe).

The paint scheme is fairly simple, I used some gloss varnish on the visor to make it pop which I like the effect of, but I think next time I will select another brighter color instead of featuring so much grey. I ended up ordering a few things I need for airbrushing today and in a week or so I should have them in so I want to compare some tips I found for ink washing using gloss barriers compared to my normal hand painting technique. I’ve only begun using ink washes over the last year or so and I think this has something to do with why the models are often ending up darker then expected.


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