Day 2, Achilles tank

In the second day I figured I would keep up with a miniature a day with another tank. This time its the Achilles British Tank from Gale force Nine. I want to figure out each paint pattern and make them distinct at a glance from one another. Obviously the Germans get a grey scheme, the US tanks are green, I figured I would go with a tan/biege for England as their vehicles spent the most time in Africa’s engagements. One of the features I need to revisit on all the tanks is some sort stencil on each but I do not have anything in this scale that would work. Hopefully I can find an airbrush stencil for each nation. Also this model has a light grey base layer instead of black making it easier to paint the lighter beige colors.


On that note I want to mention the amazing features of Tamiya spray paints. I don’t usually advocate products especially when they are more expensive then alternatives. However I want to mention the features that I think set Tamiya spray paints above any others I have tried. In Illinois we get a fair share of nasty weather, both lots of rainfall (high humidity levels) and very cold weather throughout much of the year. The second issue is easy enough to solve by keeping your spray paint inside, and warming it if your continuously using it. The first issue is much more difficult to solve, even spraying in a garage or closed area humidity levels are tough to deal with. Standard spray paints can take a very long time to cure and/or even spray improperly if the humidity levels are high enough. I primed this model in the garage yesterday with it pouring rain outside, I’ve found humidity does not affect the drying time or spray quality at all! Which is why I don’t mind paying the premium for it. So if your ever looking for a good quality primer Tamiya Fine Surface Primer in light grey is optimal and/or black for plastics is pretty amazing depending on your preference for a base and what your priming. I have to give credit where its due: I while back Jen Haley had mentioned it being the best primer on the market and I have certainly found this to be true as well.

If your looking for a link this is the Tamiya US website:      (At the bottom of the page you can find a link to find local stores that carry their paint)


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