Post Adepticon 2017

Another year has passed, and like many years before I found myself at Adepticon wandering through a maze of amazing armies and fans of ever game and genre gathered to share in the hobby. And as each year has passed I notice a massive upswing in my desire to paint/hobby directly correlated to my visit. I think its part due to seeing such amazing work on display whether its at vendor booths, the painting competition or just tournament entries. The second and possibly more important part of the experience is connecting with friends that I may not have seen in a while and getting to nerd out about new things or just share a drink together.

I find that in the experience, seeing so many people gathered to share in the hobby its interesting to consider the massive number of hours each person has put into their craft. Each participant is in different places in their journey but many people may put hundreds of hours of collecting, building, painting and playing their game before next year. Maybe some walk away, life happens and a new child is born or a new job is procured but each year many of the same people show up and its the closest feeling to coming home that one can have in such a public space. As such I have begun new projects, my motivation is buoyed by the grand display. I am attempting if even a little bit to paint every day. I have so many miniatures its embarrassing that so many are left unfinished and are not yet completed projects. My new goal is to paint every day, and if possible finish at least one model each day. I am just trying to get into the habit of working on it again regularly. Here is to a new day, and a fresh start with new models. Hopefully I can keep this blog a bit more active too!

Above are the Models for my Frostgrave warband, models are from Rum & Bones board game and Wrath of Kings from CMON. (Including the first painted model). Ive heard the new set is based on kind of eastern pirate adventures hence I thought this would be group would be perfect. Below is an American Pershing tank from “Tanks” that was just finished alongside a German Jagdpanter I finished late last year.


Last is the newer work thats still in prep I built primed and started painting some space marine stuff I had laying about, hopefully much more to come soon!




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