Model Mania…

So although I want to keep this blog about the terrain I build. I want to archive a couple of great resources for miniatures and miniature painting materials. At Adepticon this year I went a bit crazy buying all kinds of models and terrain and slowly getting around to trying out some of the materials I picked up. One item I picked up (for FREE) which was awesome to test is  Badger Airbrushes ‘Stynylrez’ airbrush primer.  I’ve seen other painters use airbrush primer as a simple and quick drying hand primer which is the method I found success with. I tried using it with my airbrush and I was running into a lot of complications, but I do have to admit it works as a brush on primer and doesn’t just scratch off like a standard acrylic layer might. I have used to to prime resin/metal/plastic and basing materials and its super effective. Even if you really put too much on it dries extremely thin and with no or little odor you can do this inside or when weather doesnt allow for spray painting outside.



The second product I was really excited to see which I remember hearing about via Kickstarter but forgot to back it and finally rediscovered this year was: Anarchy Models what is really fascinating about their products is they create both stick on stencils and very flexible mesh materials. Unfortunately my airbrush has been giving me some issues but even using the stencils and then carefully painting over the top with a light airbrush gives a great effect. I then removed the sticky stencil and carefully filled out the pattern so it was solid. The effect gives you incredibly straight lines with consistent shapes which makes these basic shapes very easy to add. Obviously the images below are not of a finished model but one in progress but I was really impressed with the effect they produced. The stencils aren’t cheap from $10-$20 but as they are reusable to some degree I think I have found a new amazing tool.


The last item I want to add to this list was finding a plethora of miniatures from less known brands. I was personally on the hunt for amazing miniatures to build a Frostgrave/Mordheim band I found the following miniatures (not my paint jobs)

Alkemy miniatures:  Amazing Skyrim ‘Khajiit’ style miniatures.

Guild Ball: I specifically wanted a number of Fisherman guild models to fit my laketown table. To be honest there are so many amazing sculpts for lots of fantasy steampunk settings.

Mierce Miniatures: I have to make a special note about Mierce, their reputation is…less than sterling from what I have heard, and I think you have to be very selective with the miniatures you get from them but they have a few hidden gems in their stock if your looking for some dark fantasy models. I have heard nightmares about ordering etc but I have not had a bad experience yet.



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